Economy and soundness of construction can be achieved by using wood products as members for structural applications such as joists, wall studs, rafters, beams, girders, and trusses. Wood can be used in many types of non-residential and multi-family buildings, from repetitive single-storey structures to multi-storey offices and schools, industrial facilities, large arenas and more. Like all building materials, wood has unique design properties. By understanding the nature of these properties, designers are able to maximize the positive attributes of materials and account for other effects.

Frequently Ask Questions

It depends on the type and area of the project. For projects less than 1000sq.m, it takes only one working day.

We are specialized in designing scaffolding & formwork structure, also steel, concrete, aluminum and wood structural design.

We use AutoCAD, Sketch Up, StaadPro and Robot Structural Analysis.

Shop drawing is the drawing which helps you to explain the fabrication and installation of the structure on site.

We are providing three different plans for our clients

  • 3 Months Plan – 10% Cashback
  • 6 Months Plan – 15% Cashback
  • 1 Year Plan – 25% Cashback

Client will receive respective cashback offer for all projects depending upon the selected plan.